Do Not Interact

  • You're against any race, ethnicity, religion, ability, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity.
  • You insult or disrespect any of my favorite characters at myself.
  • You don't care if someone (fictional or not) is a minor and you don't treat them like so.
  • You don't respect people who normally has a comfort character, and/or don't respect self-ships & self-shippers.
  • You self-ship yourself with Luka Megurine. I do that and I don't want to see anyone else doing it.
  • You harass people because they have different opinions than yours, when the opinions are safe and harmless.
  • You're not comfortable with how I post/tweet.
  • You're doing so as a joke.
  • I have blocked you before on/from a different account.
  • You defend pe*ophilia and/or pro-shipping.
  • You support ships which involve Luka Megurine with any of the Vocaloid minors.
  • You insult or disrespect K-POP stans in any form.